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Did you ever make the experience of working with an equipment, which hinders or even limits you in innovating your products? We did it many times – too many times! When engineers who have never worked in a production facility believe to know best what customers will need for their future processes, inflexible machines with a complicated HMI usually result.

Hardware, Software and mechanics of such equipment are then designed in a way, that only predefined processes can be performed, and little to no foreign hardware/software can be integrated into or connected to the machine. What happens, however, if you intend to develop a completely new process, something nobody tried before? What happens, if you like to connect a complex, nonstandard external hardware, which must communicate with the machine? Well, in the best-case scenario, the equipment supplier will have to develop a “customer specific software” at “customer specific costs”. In most of cases, however, you will end up upset and frustrated, because you turn out to be “not important enough” for the supplier.

These bad experiences were our main motivation to develop a smart, open laser system, which gives you as the user the possibility to realize your projects without any limitations. The application SW, for example, is written in Python, but you are free to use any other SW and to add any other SW libraries. We offer a large variety of high-speed interfaces, for any kind of internal and external hardware components. The laser system is designed such that it can be used as stand-alone machine or as sub module in a process line.

One of the technical highlights installed in our machine is the laser beam focus. It can be programmed to follow a free form surface without the need to move the workpiece in z-direction. Finally, we like to point out another innovating feature: A laser power measurement sensor has been integrated into an ultra-flat laser beam shutter. Whenever the shutter closes, laser power can be measured. These values are then used to compensate for laser power drift that may occur over longer operating hours.

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