Code of Conduct - Our Values

The personal values and many standards determine our daily conduct vis-à-vis our work colleagues, business partners and customers. This is why there is hardly anything more important to mutual success than the practised values in a business enterprise.

Our global customers demand a «Code of Conduct» of us and we demand of ourselves to live this «Way of doing Business». Those who work with 4CS-Laser AG are in accord with these values.

We introduced a high standard intentionally. However, our reputation at our locations helps us to win new customers and develop continually. Our «Code of Conduct» supports our aspiration to be and remain a professional, reliable and modern company. Both locally and globally.

Cooperation with Customers

The customer’s need for qualitatively superior advice and discretion is the focus of our attention. The recognition and fulfilment of requests presupposes that we foster close customer contact and take any concerns seriously.

  • We endeavour not to disappoint the trust placed in us.
  • We render qualitatively superior services in order to optimally deal with the customer’s problems and needs.
  • We are discreet and safeguard the customer’s confidential information with the utmost care.
  • We act self-confidently, and also do not shy away from asking unpleasant questions.

    Cooperation with Partners 

    Cooperation with partners and authorities is important to us. We want to be perceived as an honest and fair partner in the exercise of our business.

    • We maintain a professional, constructive, transparent and open dialogue with our partners. Fairness and mutual respect are the pillars of our cooperation.
    • We avoid cooperation with partners who do not share our standards and ideas.
    • We adhere to the legal provisions and regulations, and cooperate with the responsible regulatory authorities.

      Integrity and Ethics in Business Transactions

      In daily business conduct we set high standards for ourselves with regard to integrity and ethics. Our conduct is harmonious with this «Code of Conduct», and adheres at all times to the legal, regulatory and internal provisions and conduct rules.

      • Every employee is personally responsible for compliance.
      • We reject unethical or illegal business practices.
      • We do not hold out the prospect of any personal advantages in order to obtain orders.
      • We document all customer orders and our own business activity in accordance with internal guidelines and legal requirements.
      • We reject money or valuables if this results in the impression that our conclusionor advice shall be influenced.
      • We avoid situations in which personal interests conflict with the interests of the

      4CS-Laser AG or with those of our customers. Nevertheless, should a conflict of interest arise, we will immediately inform you so that a suitable solution can be found.

        Social and ecological Commitments

        The social and ecological environment is important to us, and we want to take care of this through our actions.

        • We deal with resources sparingly, and conduct ourselves as ecologically as possible in the course of our daily business activity.
        • We treat people honestly and fairly, and do not tolerate any discriminations or mobbing.
        • We communicate openly and honestly, and respect the perceptions of those who are not of our opinion and question this.

        This role model applies to all employees of the 4CS-Laser Group, irrespective of function, position or location.

        This role model flows into our daily work through personal management behaviour and adapted business sequences.

        Everyone has to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set down in the role model. Behaviour patterns which diverge from the role model – or even violate this – will not be tolerated, and result in appropriate disciplinary measures.





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