Laser Machines

A customer specific laser equipment for active thin film trimming has been developed and successfully introduced to production. A new machine for thick film trimming and labelling will be ready shortly. These machines are intended to substitute existing, lamp pumped laser systems, and to increase the throughput for current products.

These machines will be equipped with our existing, air cooled diode-pumped solid state laser system. The bulky and expensive external water-cooling circuits will not be required any more. These machines will be very slim and will be upgradable with any external feeder systems, for fully automated trimming, testing and labelling.

One of the essential features will be short setup- and tooling times. The changeover process to setup a new product will occur as automated as possible. Teaching will be intuitive, fast and comprehensive.

Process optimization can be done easily even for a non-expert. The end user is free to define and introduce any new trim strategies. We pursue to conduct intensive know how transfer with external laser professionals with years of experience. These very important inputs will be considered in the specifications of the machine.

Do you have special issues we should account for?

Your inputs are very important for us. We aim to consider all information in order to develop the best product for you.

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