The Laser Source

The laser light in our laser systems is generated using a diode-pumped solid state laser (DPSS). This is much more economical in comparison to lamp-pumped lasers.

The energy costs can be reduced by a factor of at least 10 and warm-up time until a stable operating point is reached can be reduced by a factor of 5. These improvements are attained by the use of modern semiconductors.

In addition, diode-pumped laser sources can be built much more compact than lamp-pumped devices. Mechanical adjustments, alignment of the mirrors in the beam path are not needed. No exchange of lamps and no need for a water cooling circuit with elaborate preparation of the cooling water with our diode pumped laser sources.

Key properties of lasers are:

  • The emitted light of a laser source even without focusing has a very high power density (about 1,500 times higher power density than a hotplate)
  • The laser light is usually monochromatic, i.e. it consists of only a single wavelength as a narrow peak in the optical spectrum
  • Laser light is coherent (same direction, frequency and phase up to several kilometers)
  • The beam of a laser source can be focused

Depending on the application, laser sources with different wavelengths are offered. The different wavelengths are often achieved by a frequency multiplication. By irradiating the materials with a high-energy laser beam, output frequencies with even and/or odd harmonic components are produced. (SHG = second harmonic generation <=> double frequency, THG = third harmonic generation <=> triple frequency).

Our DPSS laser sources (diode-pumped solid-state lasers) are characterized by low power consumption, precise electrical and optical power control, and a long life-time.





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