Our Goal

Based on our long-term experiences in development and production, we had the goal to develop a flexible laser trimming machine consisting of a laser system, measurement systems, feeder and operating software. It had to be easy to operate and flexible to adapt to any kind of new processes. We successfully realised such a system in the framework of an internal project. The amount of positive feedback of end-users we received until today was far beyond our expectations.

This triggered the decision to found 4CS-Laser. Our main goal is to develop customer specific laser machines for both, engineering and production.

Our approach is based on the following experiences and conclusions:

  • The machine must be simple to operate. The GUI must be clear and easy to understand.
  • One should not have to be a degreed engineer to be able to use the equipment for standard production.
  • A process engineer must be free and able to modify and optimise the machine for special applications. One should not be depending on the goodwill and help of the supplier, if one wants to develop something unusual, or something new that no one tried before.
  • For developers the machine shall be like a platform which can be freely upgraded for any kind of new processes. The machine can easily be upgraded with new mechanical components, hardware and software by the engineers themselves.
  • Line Engineers shall have a big variety of interfaces with clear specifications in order to easily integrate the machine or subsystems into a customer specific production line.
  • Service engineers shall be able to quickly maintain or remove any components.
  • For strategic investors the acquisition of our laser systems must be worthwhile. Thus the machines must be offered at an interesting and fair price.
  • Finally, the building engineer will not have to open any walls to transport the laser machine into fabrication rooms. The equipment will be mounted on castors and its size will be such that it can fit through normal doors.





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