Laser-based systems are used to tune electronic components or whole circuits to achieve some specific target values of resistance, capacitance, voltage, frequency, etc. This process is called trimming. Values of resistors and capacitors are modified in a controlled way by cutting kerfs into conducting layers. The electrical property is measured and modified in a closed-loop process.

For a successful trimming strategy one must have the final application in mind. A laser system must thus be designed such, that it can satisfy all the various needs and requirements of our customer. Thanks to an open SW and interface structure the customer is free to expand and configure the laser system for his needs.

An example for this policy is the use of a modular measurement system based on a PXIe rack from National Instruments, which allows the use of these components which are required for the application at hand. Additionally, we supply not only complete systems but also the contained components, giving our customers the choice to source only the matching parts and use customized components for the rest.

Applications for which the systems are designed out of the box include:

  • Passive trimming of thin and thick film resistors
  • Digital trimming by cutting through traces
  • Active trimming of sensors, amplifiers, oscillators, etc.
  • Trimming/marking on sloped and curved surfaces or on different levels using the electronically adjustable focus
  • Device testing, using the machine as a testing system with or without laser processing.

Our goal is to provide products, solutions and approaches that help you achieve your goals.





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