When evaluating equipment for production one should not only focus on the current application, but it is also important to consider possible, future utilization of the equipment. You, as long-standing expert on your field, know better than any other equipment suppliers, where the real challenges for your processes are. This know-how is YOUR professional expertise and it shall remain so.

A standard Laser machine is normally placed in a clean room, requiring expensive floor space and sometimes causing high maintenance costs.

We, as a supplier of laser systems and dedicated components, have the objective to develop customer specific and compact, space saving laser systems. This basic goal was the inspiration for our company logo, «For customer specific laser – 4CS-Laser».

Our system requires only a minimal amount of external media, such as pressure, vacuum and electrical power. No extra air conditioning or cooling water system is required. We can adapt our equipment to your specific needs and support you, if you want to modify or upgrade the systems to better suit your needs. Customer specific requests may include mechanical components, hardware and software modifications, interfaces and even process support. Our collaborators have years of experience in development of high-tech equipment for production industry.

Thanks to our open software architecture of our laser systems also you as customer, supplier or end-user will be able to upgrade, modify or adapt the laser system by yourself.

Only little extra computing resources are required to run the laser system. The most security related tasks are already implemented in a powerful controller and in the system hardware. Commercially available measurement systems and subsystems can be integrated either by 4CS-Laser or by yourself. 

After all, it’s the customer who knows his needs best.





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